Advising Meeting

General Information

The Advising Meeting is a critical step in the process toward the Ph.D. and, for students who enter the program with a B.A., is the formal mechanism for awarding the M.A.

Typically, the Advising Meeting will take place at the end of the Spring Semester of the second year for all students who enter with a B.A. and at the end of the Spring Semester of the first year for all students who enter with an M.A.

The Advising Meeting will include a Faculty Committee composed of the student's selected advisor, who serves as Chair; a second faculty member chosen from a list of three submitted by the student; and a third member selected by the DGS or his designee.

The Advising Meeting will last for at least one hour but for no longer than two hours. During the meeting, the student and Faculty Committee will consider the student's plans for completing the Ph.D. as reflected in the Preliminary Program of Study (PPOS). Students will also answer and ask questions about items included in the Portfolio Project.

After the Advising Meeting, the Chair of the Faculty Committee will write a brief report of the meeting for the student's file. In addition to a short summary of the conversation, for students who enter with a B.A. this report will include the committee's recommendation to award the M.A. degree based on satisfactory completion of all M.A. requirements. For all students, the report should also include recommendations about the composition of the student's committee for the Candidacy Exam and Dissertation.

Advising Meeting Schedule for Spring Semester 2016

Friday, December 4, 2015: Advising Meeting request form submission deadline
Week of January 18, 2016: Committee assignments announced; Advisor and Student schedules Advising Meeting with full committee
MA/PhD students only - January 29, 2016: Deadline for Master's Application to Graduate to be completedand submitted via; please also see: 
Final Semester Procedures - Master's 
Graduation Checklist - Master's
Friday, February 19: Advisor confirms receipt of full draft of the Portfolio Project
Monday, February 29 - Friday, April 1 (March 14-18 is spring break): Advising Meeting season.

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