Visiting Scholar Workshops

The Graduate Workshops in English Studies provide opportunities to enrich the department's formal graduate curriculum by regularly bringing in scholars from other institutions to discuss their recently published and current work with students and faculty. The workshops add an important dimension to graduate training by helping students engage with prominent scholars in their chosen fields. They also help faculty and graduate students in each field maintain regular interactions and allow important scholars from outside Ohio State to become familiar with the work of scholars within the Ohio State English department.

Each workshop meets approximately every other year, either in the fall or in the spring, and is organized by a faculty coordinator. M.A./Ph.D. must take two workshops by the end of year four in the program, of the program and Ph.D. students must take two workshops by the end of year two in the program. The workshops are optional for M.F.A. students. Students enroll in a workshop by registering for two hours of independent study (English 693 for M.A./Ph.D. and M.F.A. students, English 993 for Ph.D. students) under the call number of the workshop. While students generally enroll in workshops in their chosen field, they are not restricted to that field and may elect to register for workshops in other areas. Credit for workshops does not count toward the required coursework for the M.F.A., M.A./Ph.D., or Ph.D.

The visiting speaker participates in two separate meetings of the workshop, one of which is reserved for students only. In general, the structure is as follows: well in advance of the visit, the invited speaker designates a text or group of texts for discussion (his or her own work or some other work relevant to the speaker's current interests). The students read the selections independently, and then submit short position papers (about 500 words) to the coordinator for evaluation. These essays, in combination with individual student participation, determine whether a student receives a grade of "S" (satisfactory) or "U" (unsatisfactory) for the workshop.

Workshops for the following areas will be offered approximately every other year: Medieval Literature, Renaissance Literature, Eighteenth-Century British Literature, Nineteenth-Century British Literature, American Literature, Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy Studies, Folklore, Twentieth-Century Literature, and Special Topics (for example, Disability Studies or Ecocriticism).