Reading and Social Groups

General Information

To receive announcements of upcoming activities for an organization that runs a listserv, subscribe as follows:

  • Send an e-mail to:
  • In the body of the e-mail, type: subscribe (listserv name)  (your first name) (your last name)
  • You should shortly receive an email acknowledging your subscription request, and  giving you instructions as to how to complete the process.
  • Once you are subscribed, post messages to:  (listserv name)

Center for Folklore Studies 

Coordinates folklore research and teaching activities across the university.  Advises students concentrating in folklore and organizes a wide variety of interdisciplinary, international, and multicultural events, including lectures, conferences, and performances. To see a calendar of events and learn more about the folklore program, please explore the Center’s website.

Listserv name: folkserve
Contact: Prof. Dorry Noyes,

Comics and Graphic Narrative Listserv 

A place where interested members of the OSU community can find out about events and exhibitions on campus and in Columbus.

Listserve Name:  comics
Contact: Prof. Jared Gardner,

Creative Writing Listserv

A forum for creative writing faculty and students.

Listserv Name: creatwrite

Creative Writing Student/Faculty Reading Series               

See here for current schedule of readings.

Contacts: Noelle O'Reilly ( and Suzannah Showler (

Eighteenth-Century Studies Reading Group 

Meets to read and discuss current critical and theoretical essays on eighteenth-century culture, literature, and history. 

Contact: Prof. Roxann Wheeler,

Film Studies Email List and Newsletter

Email to subscribe (please indicate undergraduate, graduate, or faculty).

Film and Video Society

Contact to be added to the email list.

Folklore Student Association (FSA)

Encourages all graduate and undergraduate students interested in folklore to become members of FSA. FSA fosters a sense of community among OSU folklorists hosting social events and meeting to discuss research methods, job opportunities, grant writing, dissertation/thesis development, academic publication, and conference presentations. Since 2006, FSA has collaborated with the Folklore & Ethnomusicology Student Associations at Indiana University to host a very successful student and alumni conference, attracting presenters from across the country.  For more information about FSA, please visit the Center for Folklore Studies.

History of the Book Group 

History of the Book formed in 2005. The group of faculty, staff, and students meet monthly on the final Friday. Interests include the social, economic, and cultural history of authorship, publishing, book art, libraries and literacy, translation studies and multiculturalism, reading habits, and reader response.

Listserv name: histbook
Contact: Rebecca Haidt,

Humanities Institute: The Aesthetics and Politics Reading Group

This group is open to anyone interested in the intersections of aesthetics and politics in various types of cultural production.  Our readings and interests are not limited to any particular historical period, language, or national tradition.  We will meet two or three times each semester and, if possible, coordinate with major conferences and events on campus.

Contact: Prof. Thomas Davis,

Interdisciplinary Graduate Films Studies Group

Contact the Film Studies Program at (Subject heading Graduate Film group).

Lacan Study Group         

The Lacan Study Group discusses readings by the Parisian psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan.  The texts  for 2012-13 are taken from Lacan’s Écrits: his seminar on Edgar Allan Poe’s tale, "The Purloined Letter,"  his essay on Freud’s article on “Negation” and possibly Lacan’s piece on “The Freudian Thing, or the Meaning of the Return to Freud in Psychoanalysis.”  This reading group meets every two or three weeks, on a Sunday mid-afternoon for about two hours.

Contact: Prof. Robert Hughes,


Formed in 2004 with the goal of fostering a truly interdisciplinary conversation about literacy, promoting its study, and supporting collaboration. The group supports a wide range of interests and activities.

Listserv name: Literacystudies
Contact: Nora McCook,

Literacy Studies GradSem

Cross- and interdisciplinary activities and relationships play an important role in the experiences of students whose academic interests, research plans, or professional goals involve or concern literacy. The Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminar in Literacy Studies, or GradSem, formed in 2005 to meet this objective. The students meet monthly on the first Friday for lunch and a student-organized program and discussion.

Listserv: Gradliteracy
Contact: Nora McCook,

Modernist Studies Group (MSG)

A group of people interested in modernism and early twentieth century literature, art, film, theory, and culture. We hold social events, read each others' work, watch films, and discuss issues of modernist studies. Anyone with an interest in modernism (widely defined) is welcome.

Contact: Maura Heaphy,

Nineteenth-Century British Studies Reading Group 

Meets to read both primary and secondary texts in nineteenth and late-eighteenth century British literature and culture.  Anyone (not just people in eighteenth and nineteenth-century British studies) is welcome to join the listserv, which is used to distribute interesting news, calls for papers and conferences, and information about the Reading Group meetings. The group usually meets once a semester. 

Listserv Name: Brit19C
Contact: Prof. Aman Garcha,

Project Narrative 

Aims to promote state-of-the art research and teaching in the field of narrative studies. If you’d like to receive news and announcements about talks, workshops, and other events sponsored by Project Narrative.

Listserv name:  projectnarr
Contact: Yonina Hoffman,

Queer Theory Reading Group 

Open to anyone who is interested in queer theory.  Meets approximately once a semester. 

Contact: Not currently meeting.

Renaissance Reading Group 

Meets two to three times each semester, usually at the George Wells Knight House (Institute for Collaborative Research and Public Humanities) to discuss a primary text or a recent work of criticism. Graduate students are encouraged to attend and to help set the agenda. 

Contact: Prof. Jennifer Higginbotham,

Renaissance Dissertation Seminar 

Meets once or twice a semester to discuss graduate student work-in-progress. All graduate students working in the Renaissance are encouraged to participate and submit their work.

Contact: Prof. Alan Farmer,

Rhetoric/Composition Reading and Discussion Group

Listserv name: comprhet
Contact: Prof. Jim Fredal,

Saga Club 


Meets once a month to read Old Norse-Icelandic literature in the original language.


Contact: Prof. Merrill Kaplan,


Speculative Fiction Reading Group

Meets two or three times a semester to read and discuss the best in speculative fiction.

Listserve name: osuspecfic
Contact: Maura Heaphy,

Interested in forming your own formal or informal reading group? You are encouraged to do so. You might speak to a current group organizer to find out the details and logistics involved. Information on setting up a listserv can be found on the OIT Web site with specific articles about listserv questions and problems.