Job Market Information & Dossier Service

Dossier Service Information

The Department of English will allow each current English graduate student a total of two years of Dossier Service support for a nominal fee.  English graduate students must utilize their two years of Dossier Service support while in funding (via dept. funding or fellowship) or within two years of graduation/having been out of funding. In order to take advantage of the Department of English Dossier Service, graduate students must follow the procedures below.  It is the graduate student's responsibility to contact the appropriate Coordinator about transferring his/her dossier to another service when access to the English department's service has ended.  

  1. Open a Dossier Service file.
    1. Complete the Dossier Credentials Form.
    2. Complete the Request for Recommendation Form for each reference individual.
    3. Contact references to ask for letters of recommendation and obtain the reference’s signature on the Request for Recommendation Form.
    4. Write a check for $35.00 payable to “The Ohio State University”.
    5. Turn in the Dossier Credentials Form, all Request for Recommendation Forms, and the $35.00 check to the appropriate Coordinator:
      PhD students: Kathleen Griffin, 425 Denney Hall,
      MFA students:
  2. Request that a new dossier is sent to a specific institution.
  3. Dossier requests will be made by completing a spreadsheet which will be shared with you via OSU’s BuckeyeBox.  Buckeye Box is a free online content storage, sharing, and collaboration service available to OSU students, staff, and faculty.  For more information about Buckeye Box and to sign up for your access, please visit:  
  4. Once you have set up your BuckeyeBox access, please notify the appropriate Graduate Studies Coordinator that a dossier request spreadsheet can be shared with you.

  5. PhD students: please send a message to Kathleen Griffin, 
MFA students: please send a message to
  6. The Graduate Studies Coordinator will reply with a message once a dossier request spreadsheet has been created and shared with you. Access your spreadsheet on BuckeyeBox and follow the prompts to open your spreadsheet. Click on “Edit” to update the spreadsheet.
  7. Populate all applicable fields within the spreadsheet.  Please note that we will fill in the purple highlighted fields.  Please populate each request on the spreadsheet individually; you may change the column widths to accommodate the information that you are entering on the spreadsheet.
  8. Notify the Graduate Studies Coordinator when you’ve updated the spreadsheet with a new request.
  9. The Coordinator will reply once the request has been sent and the spreadsheet has been updated.
  10. Check the updated spreadsheet purple highlighted fields to review the date when the dossier was sent for each request.

  11. Within the same Dossier Service year, you may request multiple dossiers be sent to specific institutions. Continue to utilize the spreadsheet on BuckeyeBox so that an ongoing history is captured on one spreadsheet. Again, it is your responsibility to notify the Graduate Studies Coordinator when you’ve updated the spreadsheet with a new request.

  12. The Dossier Service fee schedule is as follows: $35.00 due at the beginning of each Dossier Service year, which includes a total of five dossiers. Each dossier request thereafter will be a charge of $3.00 per dossier sent. Multiple dossier request fees can be combined within one payment check, payable to “The Ohio State University."