PhD Residence Requirement

The residence and credit-hour requirements for a doctoral degree apply to graduate work taken after the M.A. or, when the M.A. degree is not taken,after the first 45 hours of graduate credit. A total of 90 graduate credit hoursincluding the M.A. must be presented, meeting the following conditions:

  • A minimum of 45 graduate credit hours must be completed at this university;
  • A minimum of three out of four consecutive quarters with an enrollment of at least nine graduate credit hours per quarter must be completed while in residence at this university;
  • A minimum of six graduate credit hours over a period of at least two quarters must be completed after admission to candidacy;
  • The definition of full time changed in Autumn Quarter 2008 to three credit hours per quarter for  all post-candidacy doctoral students (including those who began the Ph.D. program before Autumn 2008)whether they are funded or self-funded;
  • Continuous academic year registration is required for post-candidacy doctoral studentsadmitted to the university Autumn Quarter 2008 or after (although leaves of absence may be requested).

For an up-to-date listing of the Graduate School's requirements for the doctoral degree, please refer to the Graduate School Handbook: