Graduate Studies Events

Fall 2015 Information Sessions 

Information session for MFA and PhD job seekers

Friday, September 11, 10:00-11:45
311 Denney Hall

  • Hosted by Placement Officer, David Brewer

  • Discussion of the job market, crafting job materials, and how to read job ads

Information session for 2nd year MA/PhD students, 1st year (external) PhD students, and theirfaculty advisors about Spring 2016 Advising Meetings  
1st year MA/PhD students are welcome to attend the meeting
Date, time, and location - to be announced

  • Hosted by Advising Meeting Coordinator and Director of Graduate Studies

  • Discussion of the components needed and the timeline for the Advising Meeting

Information about the Advising Meeting

Information session for PhD students writing the Program of Study and preparing for the Candidacy Exam
Date, time, and location - to be announced

  • Hosted by Director of Graduate Studies
  • Nuts and bolts discussion of how to put together a successful POS and Candidacy Exam
  • Broader discussion of the purpose of the POS and Candidacy Exam and their relation to the dissertation

Information about the Program of Study