Graduate Administrative Positions

Position Descriptions 2014-15

General Specifications

50% appointment = 20 hours/week; 25% appointment = 10 hours/week.

  • Graduate School rules limit graduate students to appointments totaling no more than 30 hours/week.
  • International students are usually subject to other restrictions on the number of hours they can work. Each student should check with the Office of International Affairs to determine which limitations apply to his/her particular situation.

GAA 50% appointment, Writing Program Assistant in the First-Year Writing Program

Course/Program Director: Eddie Singleton

GAAs in serving as WPAs for the First-Yea Writing program are responsible for assisting in planning and facilitating the Pre-Quarter Workshop for Staff Development for incoming Graduate Teaching Associates (GTAs); assisting in the presentation of Professional Development Forums during Autumn and Winter quarters; providing on-going support to the FYWP teaching staff by holding regular office hours, conducting and reporting class observations, and developing workshops; attending weekly FYWP staff meetings; developing and revising program documents for 110.01 and 110.02; undertaking special projects initiated by the FYWP (e.g., publications, grants, outreach)

GAA 50% appointment, Digital Media Project

GAAs serving the Digital Media Project are responsible for significant administrative duties in the Digital Media Project (DMP), including, but not limited to, the following: assisting in planning and facilitating technology and software workshops, instructing teachers and students in the use of digital media production hardware such as camcorders, audio recorders, projectors, etc., troubleshooting issues in DMP-managed classrooms, checking out equipment to students and instructors, attending weekly DMP staff meetings, maintaining the DMP website, and undertaking special projects initiated by the DMP (e.g., workshops, outreach, special programming).