Request Independently Arranged Courses

Please use these forms to request reading/research hours (6998, 8996, 8998, 8999), independent study (8193), or teaching apprenticeships (8903). While you may only request one course per form submission, you may submit the form multiple times. For each course, you must provide the contact information for ONE faculty member who will post the grade for the course.

Summer 2019 Requests

Autumn 2019 Requests

Spring 2020 Requests

Deb Lowry ( will provide class numbers via e-mail as needed for registration, with response time up to one week from time of submission. Students will register in SIS independently, following the instructions in Deb's email. All independently arranged hours are variable credit, so be sure to select the appropriate number of credits when registering.

***GRADUATE INDEPENDENT STUDIES (8193) pursued by students in the department, except CW studies overseen by MFA faculty, require the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies. Students interested in pursuing an Independent Study should consult with the appropriate faculty member at least a semester in advance. The faculty member should then prepare a one-page request that briefly outlines

1) the rationale for the Independent Study (e.g., why the student is unable to pursue similar work in regularly scheduled courses)
2) the syllabus for the Independent Study (e.g., list of readings, schedule of meetings, specific assignments or projects to be completed)

These explanatory materials should be submitted to Kathleen Griffin (

***Requests for UNDERGRADUATE HOURS (thesis hours, independent studies) MUST route through Katie Stanutz, without exception. Please contact or schedule an appointment by calling the English Dept. front desk at 614-292-6065.

Contact Kathleen Griffin ( if you have questions about which course to request, about appropriate number of hours of enrollment, or any other matters which might impact your progress to degree.