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The decision to enroll in a PhD program is not only an educational but also a career choice. At OSU’s Department of English, we feel that it is important to let prospective and current graduate students know as much as possible about the career outcomes of our graduates. On the following webpages, you will find information about the career trajectories of our PhDs. We have tried to make this information as comprehensive as we can and to present the information in ways that will help prospective students make an informed choice about whether or not to pursue a PhD in English at OSU.

Our placement information is organized as follows. First, we present numerical data about our PhD placements since 2001, listing the specific job placements of individual graduate students since 2011 and the institutions that have hired our graduates as tenure-track faculty. Second, we provide contextual information that compares our placement with a few other institutions and compares placement before and after the great recession.

Placement Statistics

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