Employee and Student Travel

A travel request should be submitted as soon as you intend to take a university funded trip.  Please submit all travel requests at least six weeks in advance as many university and college travel awards require that you apply for these six weeks in advance of the trip. 

Travel Requests

All travel requests require supporting documentation.  You can upload documentation to your travel request at the time of submission. Alternate arrangements should also be made to cover any responsibilities you are unable to fulfill while you are away.  Please note these arrangements in the comment section of your travel request.

Please submit your travel request using the eTravel tool.  We have developed an eTravel Directions document with step-by-step directions for your convenience. The notification tool, found at the bottom of your travel request page, in eTravel can also be used if you need assistance.  Type “lovely.9@osu.edu” and click “Save and Send Email” to request assistance.

Travel requests will be processed within 24 hours of submission.  Upon approval, you will receive an email notification including your travel number and you may proceed with making your travel arrangements.

Travel Prepayments

Airfare, lodging, rental car, etc. can be prepaid by contacting our designated travel agency, Corporate Travel Planners (CTP). To book with CTP, go to the OSU Travel Website, and from the "Book Online" dropdown menu, click on "Login to Concur". Please contact Wayne if you wish to have your conference fees prepaid through eTravel.

Travel Reimbursements

If prepayment of travel expenses isn’t possible, we can reimburse you for approved expenses upon return.  Reimbursements cannot be processed without submitting itemized and paid receipts. To request a reimbursement, within one month of returning, please return to the eTravel tool and click "Search" on the homepage. Locate your approved travel request by searching for the travel request number you received with your approval notice. Upload all of your travel receipts.  Please do not change any values in the original itemized budget.  The comment section can also be used to communicate any additional information related to your travel reimbursement.  Please click "Submit Changes" once you have uploaded all of your receipts. Lastly, send an email to english.fiscal@osu.edu to confirm that you have uploaded your receipts so that your reimbursement request may be processed.  Watch for an email from the eTravel requesting that you certify the processed reimbursement.  You can certify/approve the reimbursement by following the prompt(s) in the email.  Once processed, certified and approved, reimbursements will be deposited into your bank account (typically 2 – 3 weeks from date of submission).

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