Grade Submission

Over the past several months, the University Registrar has piloted a new Online Grade Assignment or Change Form workflow. The process has gone extremely well, and we want to thank you for your openness to this new process. It has improved grade processing in a number of areas, including: accuracy, consistency, and reducing processing time. Because of the great success of the pilot, the online form will now be the preferred method for submitting a Grade Assignment or Change Form.

As of August 1, 2016, the paper Grade Assignment or Change Form will no longer be accepted. All submissions for grade assignments, changes, or extensions should be submitted through the Online Grade Assignment or Change Form workflow process.

Access to the online form (and instructions) will continue to be through the University Registrar's website:

Grade rosters and the normal grade posting process will remain unchanged. Please find the SIS Instructions and Carmen Instructions for the grade roster process.

As we continue to improve our services to students, faculty, and staff, additional electronic form submissions will be provided by the University Registrar. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Online Grade Assignment or Change Form submission, please work with your department and/or email