Request an Accommodation

The Department of English partners with other offices at the university to address accommodation requests for its students and employees.  To request and accommodation, please contact the person or office with whom/which you are most comfortable: your instructor, supervisor, Vice Chair, Chair, the HR Officer, HR Associate, Disability Services, the ADA Office, or the HR Office of Integrated Disability.

Reasonable Accommodation Policy

ADA Office

Office of Student Life Disability Services

Veteran Resources


University Nursing Mother / Lactation Rooms

In an effort to continually enhance our work environment, the department has dedicated room 472 as a department nursing mother/lactation room.  The room ("+ASC Denney Hall 472") can be reserved via or by contacting the Department of English front desk staff.  For access to reserve the space on your own, please notify the department Human Resources staff.  Please see the front desk staff for the room key. The room has been equipped to meet a basic needs and some others.

The university has dedicated a number of lactation rooms around campus.  Denney Hall has a dedicated lactation room, DE 145A.  The university continues to identify locations on campus that are ideal for a lactation room based on geographic location and/or future renovation projects.

Blog site that reviews lactation rooms on campus.

Gender Neutral Restrooms

List on Gender neutral restrooms on campus

Ohio State Flexible Work Arrangements

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