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IT Access and Assistance

All faculty, staff and graduate students are given access to email, phones, computers and copiers upon arrival at Ohio State. For your convenience, the department has multifunction devices (scan/print/copy/fax) located in Denney Hall rooms 421 and 572. For conservation purposes, all instructors are encouraged to utilize, as much as possible, Carmen for teaching and BuckeyeBox for research. Please use your full employee ID number to access department copiers. To support teaching, research and service, the department has provided the following annual copy allocations:

Tenure-Track Faculty


Associated Faculty

750 per class assigned

Graduate Students


Program Directors and Professional Staff receive an annual allocation sufficient to meet their administrative responsibilities. All copy allowances will be reset each year on July 1. Anyone exceeding the annual allowance will need to request more by emailing the Administrative Manager (Wayne Lovely) a brief rationale (150 words or less) detailing the necessity and specific research, teaching, or business purpose for the additional request.  If copy usage greatly exceeds the maximum allocation, the cost may be discounted from the individual’s travel/research allowance either in the current year or the following year.

For assistance with the department copiers, please contact the front desk staff in 421 Denney Hall in person, by phone (292-6065) or by email. Please see Copier/Scanner Procedure [pdf] for more information.

For all other IT assistance (computers, wireless access, etc.) please contact the College of Arts and Sciences Technology Services by phone at (614) 688-4447, by email or by visiting Denney Hall room 0006 (basement).

Department Printer Setup

The following documents provide information for setup of departmental printers on your computer.

Adding a network printer for Mac:

Configuring accounting codes and secure print for Mac:

Adding the printer on Windows (accounting codes and secure print will automatically be set up as part of the install):

For questions/assistance please email or call 614-688-4447. 

PDF icon For Mac.pdf

PDF icon For Windows.pdf

PDF icon Basic manual for Xerox copiers.pdf

Copy Requests

Copy requests may be submitted using the copy request log at the front desk of 421 Denney Hall. Copy requests will be fulfilled within 48 hours. With the goal of adhering to copyright/fair use best practices coupled with managing the workload of the front desk staff, copy limits have been set to a limit of 20% of a publication. 

ASCTech Computer Refresh Program

The College of Arts and Sciences ASCTech Computer Refresh Program replaces faculty and staff computers every four years.  If you are eligible for a new computer, Wayne Lovely will email you as soon as the program is rolled-out each year. Once notified, reply to Wayne with your selection, and wait for his email reply regarding next steps.

Computer equipment not part of ASCTech Computer Refresh Program

The Chair will determine if any portion of the annual fund allowance may be used to purchase requested equipment or software that is not part of the ASCTech Computer Refresh Program.  To request an equipment purchases send an email to listing the specific item requested, estimated price for item, and a brief rationale (150 words or less) detailing the necessity and specific research business purpose of the equipment. The Fiscal Associate will reply regarding approval & next steps.

Office Phones

To Request an office phone, please contact the OCIO by email or phone, 614-688-4357.

Relevant Resources

Identity and Access Management – To activate or edit your university account, please visit the Office of the Chief Information Officer’s Identity and Access Management page.

BuckeyeBox – Ohio State has teamed up with Box to offer faculty, staff and students an easy way to share files and folders online.

U.OSU – Create your own university webpage.

Relevant Policies

Responsible Use of University Computing and Network Resources

Institutional Data Policy

Ohio State General Records Retention Schedule

Tech Talk: ASCTech Announces CrashPlan Availability

As part of its efforts to ensure data security and integrity, ASCTech now offers CrashPlan computer backup software to arts and sciences faculty and staff. Learn more about how this software can help you recover from a catastrophe, like loss of a computer or significant hard drive damage.

Tips on protecting personal devices and data 

IT Security is increasingly at the forefront in the modern world, and Ohio State’s Enterprise Security team wants to help you stay safe. Visit our website for tips on developing safe online habits, protecting your personal devices and identity, choosing the right security tools and avoiding potential threats. Increase your knowledge to stay safe out there! 
→ Read more

Walk-in Support

On site walk-in support will be available in 009 Denney from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

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