English Graduate Travel Awards

The Department of English offers funded English graduate students $500 annually to utilize between July 1 and June 30 in support of conferences and meetings where the student is engaging in professional work at regional, national and international levels by presenting a paper within the United States or abroad. Please note that funding is not available for chairing and moderating panels. Travel to appropriate libraries, archives and field sites for the purposes of professional research, both in the United States and abroad, is also permitted under this program. In addition, MFA students who are traveling to a writing retreat for which there is a competitive selection process or The Journal who are traveling to the AWP to assist with the book fair can also apply for these funds. There will be no rollover of any fund balances across fiscal years.

Application Process

Department of English Graduate travel award applications should be submitted as early as possible to ensure a timely processing of the application and award.  All travel requests require supporting documentation.  You can upload documentation to your application at the time of submission. Alternate arrangements should also be made to cover any responsibilities you are unable to fulfill while you are away.


Award Process

Federal regulations require that all scholarships and financial resources, excluding compensation, received by a student be included as part of their financial aid package. In order to comply with federal regulations and university procedures and to simplify the process for everyone, the Department of English processes student awards through the Office of Student Financial Aid (SFA).

Upon award approval, the student will receive an email notification and the Department of English will notify SFA of the award and the associated budget.  SFA will then process the award which will post to the student’s Statement of Account in BuckeyeLink.  Account balances are refunded to students within three business days.

Direct Deposit

Please note students must setup student direct deposit in order to receive financial aid refunds electronically, otherwise a paper check will be mailed to the student’s home address listed in BuckeyeLink. Direct deposit can be setup through BuckeyeLink, which is different from employee payroll direct deposit.