Graduate Students

Graduate Associate (GA) Rules, Processes and Procedures

GA appointments complement formal instruction and give the student experience in teaching, research, or administrative activities. Students are not permitted to work more than 30 hours per week.

Graduate School Handbook

The Graduate School Handbook contains the rules, policies, and guidelines applicable to the graduate community at The Ohio State and guidelines applicable to the graduate community at The Ohio State.

Criteria and procedures for selecting GAs

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Criteria and procedures for reappointing GAs

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Period of appointment

Pay is issued on the final business day of the month. Graduate Associates appointed for Autumn and Spring Semesters will receive a one-half paycheck at the end of August and May.

  • Autumn = August 16 – December 31
  • Spring = January 1 – May 15
  • Summer = May 16 – August 16

Availability of summer term appointments

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Stipend Levels

Department of English stipend levels are set by the Arts and Humanities.  As of Autumn 2017, the monthly stipend levels for a 50% position are:

  • MFA and Pre-ABD PhD students - $1,853
  • ABD students - $2,008

Benefits for 50% GA Appointments

  • Stipend
  • Payment of a student’s general/instructional and learning technology fees, and resident or
  • nonresident tuition
  • Payment of 85% of Student Health Insurance premium
  • Summer Fee Authorization
  • Time Off
  • Short-Term Leaves and Leaves of Absence
  • Military Leave
  • Access to "B" (staff) parking permits
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Access to the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS)

Payroll Deductions

Payroll deductions for student health benefits and other student service fees will occur in four installments for both Autumn (September – December) and Spring (January – April) semesters. For summer term, deductions will be reflected in June and July paychecks.

Summer Fee Authorization

Graduate students holding a 50% or greater GA appointment for two consecutive semesters are entitled to a full fee authorization during the immediately following summer term without being on appointment. Students holding a 25% GA appointment for two consecutive semesters are entitled to a summer fee authorization at half the full fee authorization rate. Students using the summer fee authorization must be registered for at least four hours of credit. Post-candidacy doctoral students must register for at least three hours of credit. A graduate student who elects not to enroll during the summer may not defer the use of the summer fee authorization.

Dates for notifying students of appointments and for receiving acceptances or refusals

  • Autumn = July 15
  • Spring = December 15
  • Summer = April 15

Duties and Responsibilities

GA duties and responsiblities vary by appointment.  Please see your appointment document and/or course director/supervisor for specific duties and responsibilities.

Criteria and procedures for evaluating and reporting GA performance, including information about the Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI) form and other student evaluations

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Criteria and procedures for terminating GA appointments

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