eRequest Directions

eRequest is a web-based procurement system that enables anyone to submit a request to pay for goods or services. The following directions will guide you through the system. By setting your preferences according to these directions, you can submit a request by completing as few as three fields (item description, estimated amount and business purpose) in eRequest.  For additional assistance, please email

Setting your Preferences

  • Go to the eRequest procurement system
  • Log-in using your university name.# credentials
  • Click on "Preferences" in the page header
  • Enter your university "Ship To" address:
Department of English
The Ohio State University
421 Denney Hall
164 Annie and John Glenn Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210
  • Org Number - enter the Department of English org number, "05370".  This will ensure that your request is routed to the appropriate person for approval.
  • Chartfield - this is not a required field, but you may enter it if this has been provided to you.
  • Click "Save"

Submitting a Request

  • Go to the eRequest procurement system
  • Log-in using your university name.# credentials
  • Click on "New"
  • Enter the appropriate information in the required fields (see red asterisks)
  • Using the following Procurement Decision Tree, enter the first applicable "Purchasing/Payment Option":
  • Internal  Order (Uniprint, The Blackwell, University Libraries and other university vendors)
  • eStores (Standard Purchasing Request) - click on red eStores button to search for the following vendors
    1. Key Contracts (100% compliance is mandated in order to leverage our spending to yield the maximum savings)
      1. Beverages - Coke
      2. Express Mailing - UPS
      3. Office Supplies - Staples (video tutorial highlighting features of the Staples Advantage catalog)
      4. Copiers/Printers - Comdoc (Xerox)
    2. Preferred vendors - see contract book (MBE, Hotels, Beverages, Catering, etc.)
  • Department card (PCard Preferred) – all purchases less than $2,500 that cannot be purchased through an internal vendor, eStores or preferred vendor.
  • Reimbursement to Employee or Payment (to an Non-Employee)
  • Enter a short description of the item you would like to purchase or service for which you would like to pay
  • Enter the quantity of the item you would like to purchase
  • Enter the estimated amount of the purchase
  • Enter the Vendor/Payee information (i.e. where/from whom are you making the purcchase)
  • Enter the business purpose (i.e. Why do you need to make this purchase?)
  • Upload any quotes or supporting documentation you have
  • Click "Continue"
  • Review your purchase request
  • Click "Submit for Approval"

What do I do after I submit my request?

After you submit your request, you will recieve an email with your purchasing request number (PR#) confirming that you submitted your request for approval.  The appropriate approvers in the department will also receive an email notification to approve the request.  Unless you are contacted for more information, your request should be approved within 24 hours.  Once approved, if you:

  • Submitted an Internal Order, the approved request will be sent to the internal vendor so that the vendor can charge us for the good/sevice requested
  • Submitted a Standard Purchasing Request, through eStores or based on a quote, a purchase order will be sent to the vendor and you should receive the good/service shortly
  • Submitted a PCard request, arrange a time with Wayne to pick-up and drop-off the PCard.  Remember to bring your PR# with you for reference.
  • Submitted a Reimbursement request, the reimbursement will appear in your bank account within a couple business days
  • Submitted a payment request (e.g. honorarium), a check will printed in a couple business days and placed in the mail, addressed to payee.  If you would like to have the check held for pick-up, please note this in the eRequest.

Should you have any questions/concerns/need for assistance, please don't hesitate to contact Wayne Lovely.