Requesting Purchases

Relevent Guideline​s

University Purchasing Guidelines

Purchase of Alcohol Guidelines

​Relevant Policies

All employees involved in the use of university funds are responsible for compliance with all applicable university policies.

Purchasing Policy

Purchasing Card Policy

Expenditures Policy

Travel Policy

Procurement Decision Tree

All purchases are initiated through the eRequest procurement tool.

  1. Internal  vendors (Uniprint, The Blackwell, University Libraries and other university vendors)
  2. eStores (tutorial here)
  3. Key Contracts (100% compliance is mandated in order to leverage our spending to yield the maximum savings):
    1. Beverages - Coke
    2. Express Mailing - UPS
    3. Office Supplies - Staples (video tutorial highlighting features of the Staples Advantage catalog)
    4. Copiers/Printers - Comdoc (Xerox)
  4. Preferred vendors - see contract book (MBE, Hotels, Beverages, Catering, etc.)
  5. Department card – all purchases less than $2,500 that cannot be purchased through an internal vendor, eStores or preferred vendor.
  6. Convenience order (reimbursement, honorarium, institutional memberships and registration fees)
  7. Purchase order – for goods and/or services greater than $2,500 that cannot be purchased through an internal vendor, eStores, a preferred vendor or with the department card

Notes on Specific Purchases

Meals at University Functions

All purchases, including business meals and alcohol purchases, must include a business purpose justifying the necessity of the expenditure. Purchases involving food and beverage must also include a list a attendees.  Food may be purchased for the following events:

  • Student-focused events (recruiting, etc.)
  • Events that include non-OSU guests (conferences, business meals, etc.). Please note there is a limit of four Ohio State attendees plus university business guests at business meals.
  • Employee celebratory/recognition events (limit of 2 per year).
  • New hire welcome receptions
  • Recognition of Service events (retirement/departure)
  • Training events


All requests for department shipping and mailing supplies (i.e. labels & envelopes) go through our front desk staff.  Please remember the mail is for use of departmental business only and UPS should be reserved only for exceptional circumstances (where extra security or speed is essential). Any items requiring UPS shipping must be approved by Wayne and will be charged to the individual's research fund balance.


The purchase of books and digital media published by an academic press, or other material relevant to your research, is permissible from the annual travel allowance, up to $250 per year.  

Payments to Individuals for Services

If you are planning to pay an individual, whether it be to pay an employee, pay an honorarium, pay for a service, etc., please submit your request at least three weeks in advance of work beginning.  This gives us sufficient time to process required forms, submit agreements/contracts for legal review or process any required hiring forms.

Required Documentation for Payments to Independent Contractors:

By Vendor:

By Ohio State employee making request:

Payments to employees: requests to compensate employees for work performed outside of their assigned duties should be emailed to the department's HR Associate for processing.  If approved, the payment will be included in the employee's paycheck the following month.

Faculty should apply for Arts and Humanities Support for Research Grants to fund these services.  If a faculty member obtains funds from the College or another unit to cover permission fees on the condition that the department match the award, the matching funds will be expensed from the faculty member's research fund.

Business Cards

Business cards can be ordered through Uniprint.  Uniprint orders require an Procurement Request number (PR#) from eRequest and procurement requests submitted through eRequest require a quote so you will need to process both requests (Uniprint and eRequest) simultaneously so that you can supply each, Uniprint and eRequest, with the information that each requires. The cost of having business cards printed will be charged to the individual's research fund.

Regarding Braille business cards, unfortunately UniPrint is not equipped for this.  Once you receive your single-sided business cards from UniPrint, we can send them to a vendor to be brailled.  The university's ADA Coordinator's Office suggests Access USA.

Desk Copies

The front desk staff will order desk copies. If you need desk copies, send an e-mail to indicating the book title, author, ISBN, publisher, class number, class title, class term, estimated number of students, the bookstore, and the number of desk copies needed. Please submit requests no later than one month before the start of the term. The front desk staff will send an e-mail confirmation after the desk copy order has been placed.

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