Taking Leave

When on duty, all absences from regular duties must be approved by the Department Chair or your supervisor.  Requests for leave from appointment duties should be made as far in advance as possible. For questions regarding particular situations, please contact the Administrative Manager.

Class Cancellation Policy

On occasion, instructors must be absent from a scheduled class. When such absences can be anticipated, alternate class arrangements should be made.  Graduate Teaching Associates are required to make these arrangements in consultation with their course director.  GTAs assigned to Creative Writing courses should also consult the Director of the Creative Writing Program.  When an absence is unanticipated (such as in the case of illness or injury) please notify your students as early as possible.  Also contact Classroom Services (614-247-4357) to request that a note be placed on your door.

Please use one of the following tools, as appropriate, to request leave:

  • eTravel (for faculty, staff and students) – OSU funded business related absence
  • Graduate Student request for leave (graduate students only) – This form is used to make and approve leave requests for funded graduate students. All requests require documentation.  Requests must be approved by your supervisor/course director, advisor and program director before filing your your approved request with the HR Associate.
  • University Business Leave (faculty and staff) – non-OSU funded business related absence
  • eLeave (faculty and staff) – Sick Leave, Vacation, Parental Leave, Jury Duty, Unpaid Leave, etc. Leave balances can be viewed by accessing your most recent paystub at eProfile. For assistance with eLeave, please review these detailed eLeave Instructions or see the HR Associate. 

Relevant Policies

OSU Paid Leave Programs Policy

The university strives to recruit and retain a world class faculty and staff and to stand out as an employer of choice. The university recognizes that supporting faculty and staff as they balance career and family life ultimately benefits the faculty, staff, and institution alike. The university provides paid vacation, sick, parental, jury duty/court appearance, and organ donation leave to respond to employee needs. Vacation donation provides financial assistance during approved unpaid leaves for: life threatening illness or injury of self or immediate family members; childbirth, adoption and foster care placement; or death of an immediate family member. 

Family and Medical Leave Policy (Serious Health Conditions)

In accordance with federal law, the university provides job protected Family and Medical Leave (FML) to eligible employees for up to 12 workweeks (480 hours) of leave during a 12 month period based on qualifying events. Eligible employees that care for covered service members are eligible for up to 26 workweeks of leave in a single 12 month period. To the extent the policy is silent on a matter, federal law will prevail.

The Graduate School Handbook

The Graduate School Handbook contains the rules, policies, and guidelines applicable to the graduate community at The Ohio State University. It is the primary reference guide for graduate students, graduate faculty, and graduate program staff.

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