Hiring Excellence and Diversity

The Department of English recruits and selects the most qualified individuals for open positions. In all cases, recruitment and selection activities are guided by a commitment to diversity.

Hiring Guidelines

  • Committment to Diversity
  • Representation
  • Process

Tenure-Track Faculty

Associated Faculty

The hiring of associated faculty is contingent upon sufficient enrollment and budget. Selection of candidates will be based on job-related qualifications such as education, experience, skill, training, ability, and job performance. The Department of English solicits applications from the department’s large pool of recent PhD and MFA recipients. Successful applicants will teach one or more sections of English 1110 and/or other writing courses; they may also teach upper-level classes if there is a departmental need. The Department of English send out a call for applications in April of each year. The Department of English will consider applications from (1) students who already have been awarded PhDs or MFAs and (2) students who are scheduled to receive their PhDs or MFAs before the beginning of the next academic year. Details about the application process and about the open positions will be included in the call that goes out in April.

3 Year Appointments for Associated Faculty Positions

Senior Lecturers may be appointed to 3-year appointments. These appointments will be subject to approval by the Associated Faculty Coordinators, who carefully review the teaching of each member of the Associated Faculty every year. If the teaching evaluation is highly positive, and if the Assocaited Faculty Coordinators would recommend a 3-year appointment in a particular case, that instructor may be offered a 3-year appointment. The instructor will generally but not necessarily fill a niche area that the department can anticipate requiring instruction for the long-term, for which instructors are not readily found in the GTA pool (such as, but not limited to, the 1109 program and Professional Writing). For a 3-year appointment to be issued, three conditions must generally be satisfied: 1) sufficient budget 2) highly positive teaching evaluation by the Associated Faculty Coordinators; 3) teaching in a special needs/niche area. These decisions will be made at the time of appointment, in early summer: no application is necessary.

Graduate Students

Professional Staff

Student Assistants

Federal Work Study

Visiting Scholars

The Department of English will accept up to two international visiting scholars per year from unsolicited inquiries. The Executive Committee will approve all applications. Each application must be supported by a faculty member who agrees to ensure that the visiting scholar receives the necessary support when here; this includes making sure office space is available, library privileges are arranged, and the scholar has the mentorship needed for the time he or she is here. Applications must include a writing sample and letter of recommendation.  The scholar must also be able to demonstrate proficiency in spoken English.  To apply for a visiting scholar position in the Department of English, please send your application to english@osu.edu

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