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Supporting research in the Humanities is of critical importance to a variety of stakeholders. Securing extramural funding enables competitive individual and collaborative research that increases the scholarly reputation of faculty and graduate students and enhances undergraduate learning in the classroom; it also supports programs that reach into the community of alumni, continuing learners, donors, and educators.

This site provides lists of possible funding opportunities offered by external agencies and universities for faculty, postdocs, and PhD candidates in the Humanities and English. The lists are not comprehensive but can serve as a guide for funding your research and advancing your career. Deadlines refer to sponsor receipt deadlines; in some instance (for limited submission opportunities), the deadline is the Ohio State receipt deadline. The lists will be updated throughout the year as deadlines are announced and new funding opportunities arise.

Kristina Ward, Grants Development Specialist, is available to assist with locating funding opportunities from government agencies and private and corporate foundations to support your research and academic programming; assess funding opportunities for fit; consult on draft proposals; assist in budget preparation; and shepherd proposals through the administrative review process. Please contact her at to schedule a consultation or to discuss your research agenda.

The Department of English will offer each member of the associated faculty $1,000.00 to utilize between July 1 and June 30 in support of conferences and meetings where the individual is engaging in professional work at regional, national and international levels by presenting a paper within the United States or abroad. Travel to appropriate libraries, archives and field sites for the purposes of professional research, both in the United States and abroad, is also permitted under this program. There will be no rollover of any fund balances across fiscal years. The individual must send all trip details, including itemized estimates, via email to at least two weeks in advance of the trip departure date. Individuals must follow the travel and purchasing procedures to utilize any funding.

Pre-approval is required for any purchase and travel expense that you intend to be paid for by University funding. You are not authorized to commit university funding without obtaining prior approval, regardless of the funding source.

Starting in Fall 2015, the University Center for the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT) will be implementing three new programs specifically for lecturers (associated faculty) at Ohio State:

  • The Lecturer Learning Community  ($1000 stipend to participate in monthly meetings as part of a community of 8 lecturers who each work on a specific project related to their teaching)
  • The Lecturer Teaching Development Grant (Up to $750 for individual lecturers to pursue professional development opportunities to enhance their teaching; must be used w/in 12 mos. of application deadline)
  • Application
  • Deadlines: September 7 for Fall / February 1 for Spring
  • Application
  • Deadline: April 27
  • The Local Lecturer Support Grant (Up to $5000 for departments to develop their own programs to support the professional development of their lecturers, and addition $1000 available to compensate a lecturer for helping to coordinate these efforts)

Please visit the various websites associated with each of the programs for more information, or feel free to contact me with any questions.