Regular Faculty

Welcome to the Department of English at The Ohio State University!  The following is a list of resources made available to you by the university, college and department.  We’ll briefly describe a few, but please ask if there’s anything you need.

Office of Academic Affairs (OAA)

Faculty Resources

New Faculty Resources

New Faculty Orientation (August 17)

Faculty Toolkit

Faculty Development

College of Arts and Sciences (ASC)

ASC Resources and Guidelines

Faculty Resources

Department of English

Staff Specialists

The Department of English has one of the most professional and service-oriented staff on campus.  If there’s something you need, we have someone to assist you!  If you have any questions about academics, curriculum or promotion and tenure, please contact the Chair.  If you have any HR/fiscal-related questions, please contact the Administrative Manager or the HR/Fiscal Associate.

English Department Council (EDC)

EDC meetings are our department meetings.  We generally meet one Monday each month during Autumn and Spring semesters.  The first EDC of the year is September 18 at 3:00 p.m. in Denney Hall room 311

Department of English Pattern of Administration Document

Department of English Appointments, Promotion and Tenure Document

Promotion and Tenure

HR and Benefits

Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service is your hub for many resources like electing benefits, viewing your paystub, electing direct deposit, adjusting tax withholdings and more.


Medical Plans

Retirement Plans

Benefits Presentations

***Enrollment Deadlines***

Paid Leave Programs

Recreation and Physical Activity Center (RPAC)

Ohio State’s largest recreation facility is located in the heart of campus—within walking distance to the Ohio Union, the Oval, Ohio Stadium, and two parking garages

Safety Resources

In the Classroom

Classroom resources


Buckeyelink is Ohio State’s Online Academic Center: manage your classes, access your rosters, view the location of your classes, post grades, etc.


Carmen is Ohio State’s  learning management system designed to complement what you’re doing in the classroom. Your classes are preloaded into Carmen so check it out!

Textbook Ordering

Classroom Services



CampusParc is responsible for the operation of The Ohio State University’s parking system.

Transportation and Traffic Management

Transportation and Traffic Management provides The Ohio State University with excellent transit-related services. 

Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA)

The Central Ohio Transit Authority is a public sector transit agency serving Franklin County and the rest of the central Ohio area

Access to University Resources


BuckID is your official Ohio State University ID. Please stop by the BuckID office in the Ohio Union to get your ID. It should only take 5 minutes.


You will be provided with a computer for business purposes.  You can choose between and Mac or a Dell, and a laptop or a desktop.  Please let us know your preference!  Computers are replaced on a 5-year schedule.


You have access to the university email exchange.  The ASCTech specialist will assist you with setting up your email when you receive your new computer.

Copying/copy code (employee ID)

When your computer is setup by a specialist from ASCTech (our college tech office), the specialist will also connect you to four department copiers/printers (DE 421A, 421B, 446 and 572).  You will using your employee ID as your passcode for printing and copying.


A Skype phone will be provided to you based on the computer you choose.  The ASCTech specialist will walk you through using the phone.

Tech Service Requests

Please email ASCTech for any tech needs you have.  For your convenience, they also have a service desk located in Denney Hall (DE) room 060 (basement).


Ohio State has 15 library locations.  Denney Hall is located between two of the largest libraries, The Thompson (main) Library and the 18th Avenue Library.  Through the library you can access OSU resources, interlibrary loan and OhioLink.


When you arrive to campus, our HR Associate will provide you with keys to the building and your office.  We’ll also provide you with the keypad code needed to enter our main office and our 4th – floor classrooms.

Office Renovations

Funds are available to renovate offices of new faculty.  The department’s fiscal team will work with you and a vendor to arrange your office as you would like.

Facilities Requests

Too hot, too cold?  For any facility needs, please email our facilities team.  You’ll need will be addressed promptly and you’ll receive reports as the work is completed.


You have a mailbox in DE 421.  The mailboxes are listed alphabetically by last name and color coded to easily identify faculty, staff and students.

Digital Stationary

Business Cards

You can quickly order business cards from our print shop on campus (UniPrint).  Please see one of our wonderful student assistants at the front desk in DE 421 if you need business cards.

University Leave

Taking Leave

The university has great leave benefits.  Please review this page to see what’s required if you need to take leave.


eLeave is our tool for submitting leave requests.

University Business Leave

The University Business Leave tool is a modified version of eLeave for when you are traveling away from campus, but for business purposes like giving an invited lecture.  If you need university funds to support your travel, please submit a request through eTravel instead of the leave tools.

Funding Travel and Expenditures

Funding Resources

Travel and eTravel directions

If you are traveling to a conference, to conduct research, etc., your plans need to be preapproved.  Please review this page to view the applicable policies and our procedures for submitting your travel requests.

Purchasing and eRequest directions

Non-travel purchasing requests must also be preapproved.  If there’s something you need, you can likely find it in eRequest and the department can pay for it directly so that you don’t have to pay out-of-pocket and wait for reimbursement.  Please review this page for applicable purchasing policies and procedures.