English Department Course List


ENGLISH1109Writing & Reading
ENGLISH1110.01First-Year English Composition
ENGLISH1110.01HHonors First-Year English Composition
ENGLISH1110.02First-Year English Composition
ENGLISH1110.02HHonors First-Year English Composition
ENGLISH1110.03First-Year English Composition
ENGLISH1193Individual Studies
ENGLISH2194Group Studies
ENGLISH2201Selected Works of British Literature: Medieval to 1800
ENGLISH2201HSelected Works of British Literature: Medieval to 1800
ENGLISH2202British Literature:  1800 to Present
ENGLISH2202HBritish Literature:  1800 to Present
ENGLISH2220Introduction to Shakespeare
ENGLISH2220HIntroduction to Shakespeare
ENGLISH2260Introduction to Poetry
ENGLISH2260HIntroduction to Poetry
ENGLISH2261Introduction to Fiction
ENGLISH2261HIntroduction to Fiction
ENGLISH2262Introduction to Drama
ENGLISH2262HIntroduction to Drama
ENGLISH2263Introduction to Film
ENGLISH2264Introduction to Popular Culture Studies
ENGLISH2265Writing of Fiction I
ENGLISH2266Writing of Poetry I
ENGLISH2268Writing of Creative Nonfiction I
ENGLISH2269Digital Media Composing
ENGLISH2270Introduction to Folklore
ENGLISH2270HIntroduction to Folklore
ENGLISH2271Introduction to English Language Study
ENGLISH2275Thematic Approaches to Literature
ENGLISH2276Arts of Persuasion
ENGLISH2277Introduction to Disability Studies
ENGLISH2280The English Bible
ENGLISH2280HThe English Bible
ENGLISH2281Introduction to African-American Literature
ENGLISH2282Introduction to Queer Studies
ENGLISH2290Colonial and U.S. Literature to 1865
ENGLISH2291U.S. Literature: 1865 to Present
ENGLISH2367.01Language, Identity, and Culture in the U.S. Experience
ENGLISH2367.01ELanguage, Identity, and Culture in the U.S. Experience
ENGLISH2367.01HLanguage, Identity, and Culture in the U.S. Experience
ENGLISH2367.01SLanguage, Identity, and Culture in the U.S. Experience
ENGLISH2367.02Literature in the U.S. Experience
ENGLISH2367.02HLiterature in the U.S. Experience
ENGLISH2367.03Documentary in the U.S. Experience
ENGLISH2367.03HDocumentary in the U.S. Experience
ENGLISH2367.04Technology and Science in the U.S. Experience
ENGLISH2367.04HTechnology and Science in the U.S. Experience
ENGLISH2367.05The U.S. Folk Experience
ENGLISH2367.05HThe U.S. Folk Experience
ENGLISH3304Business and Professional Writing
ENGLISH3305Technical Writing
ENGLISH3361Narrative and Medicine
ENGLISH3364Special Topics in Popular Culture
ENGLISH3372Science Fiction and/or Fantasy
ENGLISH3378Special Topics in Film and Literature
ENGLISH3398Writing for English Majors
ENGLISH3398HHonors Writing for English Majors
ENGLISH3405Special Topics in Professional Communication
ENGLISH3465Intermediate Creative Writing: Special Topics in Fiction
ENGLISH3466Intermediate Creative Writing: Special Topics in Poetry
ENGLISH3467SIssues and Methods in Tutoring Writing
ENGLISH3468Intermediate Creative Writing: Special Topics in Creative Nonfiction
ENGLISH3597.03Environmental Citizenship
ENGLISH4400Literary Locations
ENGLISH4513Introduction to Medieval Literature
ENGLISH4514Middle English Literature
ENGLISH4520.02Special Topics in Shakespeare
ENGLISH4521Renaissance Drama
ENGLISH4522Renaissance Poetry
ENGLISH4523Special Topics in Renaissance Literature and Culture
ENGLISH4531Restoration and 18th-Century Literature
ENGLISH4533The Early British Novel: Origins to 1830
ENGLISH4535Special Topics in Restoration and 18th-Century British Literature and Culture
ENGLISH4540Nineteenth-Century British Poetry
ENGLISH454219th C Brit Novel
ENGLISH454320th-Century British Fiction
ENGLISH454720th-Century Poetry
ENGLISH4549Modern Drama
ENGLISH4550Special Topics in Colonial and Early National Literature of the U.S.
ENGLISH4551Special Topics in 19th-Century U.S. Literature
ENGLISH4551ESpecial Topics in 19th-Century U.S. Literature
ENGLISH4552Special Topics in American Poetry Through 1915
ENGLISH455320th-Century U.S. Fiction
ENGLISH4559Introduction to Narrative and Narrative Theory
ENGLISH4560Special Topics in Poetry
ENGLISH4561Studies in Fictional and Nonfictional Narrative
ENGLISH4562Studies in Literature and the Other Arts
ENGLISH4563Contemporary Literature
ENGLISH4564.01Major Author in Medieval and Renaissance British Literature
ENGLISH4564.02Major Author in 18th- and 19th-Century British Literature
ENGLISH4564.03Major Author in American Literature to 1900
ENGLISH4564.04Major Author in 20th-Century Literature in English
ENGLISH4565Writing of Fiction II
ENGLISH4566Writing of Poetry II
ENGLISH4566EWriting of Poetry II
ENGLISH4567SRhetoric and Community Service: A Writing Seminar
ENGLISH4568Writing of Creative Nonfiction II
ENGLISH4569Digital Media and English Studies
ENGLISH4570Introduction to the History of English
ENGLISH4571Studies in the English Language
ENGLISH4572Traditional Grammar and Usage
ENGLISH4573.01Rhetorical Theory and Criticism
ENGLISH4573.01ERhetorical Theory and Criticism
ENGLISH4573.02Rhetoric and Social Action
ENGLISH4574History and Theories of Writing
ENGLISH4575Special Topics in Literary Forms and Themes
ENGLISH4575ESpecial Topics in Literary Forms and Themes
ENGLISH4576.01History of Critical Theory I: Plato to Aestheticism
ENGLISH4576.02History of Critical Theory II: 1900 to Present
ENGLISH4576.03History of Critical Theory III: Issues and Movements
ENGLISH4577.01Folklore I: Groups and Communities
ENGLISH4577.02Folklore II: Genres, Form, Meaning, and Use
ENGLISH4577.03Folklore III: Issues and Methods
ENGLISH4578Special Topics in Film
ENGLISH4578HSpecial Topics in Film
ENGLISH4579Special Topics in Nonfiction
ENGLISH4580Special Topics in LGBTQ Literatures and Cultures
ENGLISH4581Special Topics in U.S. Ethnic Literatures
ENGLISH4582Special Topics in African-American Literature
ENGLISH4583Special Topics in World Literature in English
ENGLISH4584Special Topics in Literacy Studies
ENGLISH4585History of Literacy
ENGLISH4586Studies in American Indian Literature and Culture
ENGLISH4587Studies in Asian American Literature and Culture
ENGLISH4588Studies in Latino/a Literature and Culture
ENGLISH4590.01HThe Middle Ages
ENGLISH4590.02HThe Renaissance
ENGLISH4590.03HThe Long Eighteenth Century
ENGLISH4590.05HThe Later 19th Century
ENGLISH4590.06HThe Modern Period
ENGLISH4590.07HLiterature in English after 1945
ENGLISH4590.08HU.S. and Colonial Literature
ENGLISH4590.09HHonors Seminar: Selected Topics in Literature and Literary Interpretation
ENGLISH4591.01HSpecial Topics in the Study of Creative Writing
ENGLISH4591.02HSpecial Topics in the Study of Rhetoric
ENGLISH4592Special Topics in Women in Literature and Culture
ENGLISH4595Literature and Law
ENGLISH4597.01The Disability Experience in the Contemporary World
ENGLISH4597.02American Regional Cultures in Transition
ENGLISH4597.04HInterdisciplinary Approaches to Narrative in the Contemporary World
ENGLISH4601Language and the Black Experience
ENGLISH4601SLanguage and the Black Experience
ENGLISH4999Undergraduate Research: Thesis
ENGLISH4999HHonors Research
ENGLISH5191Writing Internship
ENGLISH5193Individual Studies
ENGLISH5194Group Studies
ENGLISH5662Literary Publishng
ENGLISH5710Introduction to Old English Language and Literature
ENGLISH5720Graduate Studies in Shakespeare
ENGLISH5721Graduate Studies in Renaissance Drama
ENGLISH5722Graduate Studies in Renaissance Poetry
ENGLISH5723Graduate Studies in Renaissance Literature and Culture
ENGLISH5797Study at a Foreign Institution
ENGLISH6700Introduction to Graduate Study in English
ENGLISH6713Introduction to Middle English Language
ENGLISH6716Introduction to Graduate Study in the Middle Ages
ENGLISH6718Introduction to Graduate Study in Chaucer
ENGLISH6736Introduction to Graduate Study in the Restoration and 18th Century
ENGLISH6746Introduction to Graduate Study in British Literature of the Romantic Period
ENGLISH6747Introduction to Graduate Study in British Literature of the Victorian Period
ENGLISH6750Introduction to Graduate Study in Literacy
ENGLISH6751.01Intro to Grad Study in Folklore I: The Philology of the Vernacular
ENGLISH6751.02Intro to Grad Study in Folklore II: Fieldwork & Ethnography of Communication
ENGLISH6755Introduction to Graduate Study in American Literature, Origins to 1840
ENGLISH6756Introduction to Graduate Study in American Literature, 1840-1914
ENGLISH6757.01Introduction to Graduate Study in African-American Literature, 1746-1900
ENGLISH6757.02Introduction to Grad Study in African-American Literature, 1900 to Present
ENGLISH6758Introduction to Graduate Study in U.S. Ethnic Literature and Culture
ENGLISH6760Introduction to Graduate Study in Postcolonial Literature and Theory
ENGLISH6761Introduction to Graduate Study in Narrative and Narrative Theory
ENGLISH6762Introduction to Graduate Study in Drama and Performance
ENGLISH6763Graduate Workshop in Poetry
ENGLISH6765Graduate Workshop in Fiction
ENGLISH6766Introduction to Graduate Study in 20th Century Literature, 1900-1945
ENGLISH6767Introduction to Graduate Study in 20th Century Literature, 1945-Present
ENGLISH6768Graduate Workshop in Creative Nonfiction
ENGLISH6769Graduate Workshop in Creative Writing (Special Topics)
ENGLISH67721English Syntax
ENGLISH6774History of the English Language
ENGLISH6776.01From Plato to Aestheticism
ENGLISH6776.02From 1900 to the Contemporary Period
ENGLISH6777American English
ENGLISH6778Introduction to Graduate Study in Film and Film Theory
ENGLISH6779.01Introduction to Graduate Study in Rhetoric: Classical to Early Renaissance
ENGLISH6779.02Introduction to Graduate Study in Rhetoric: Renaissance to 20th Century
ENGLISH6780Current Theory and Practice in the Teaching of Writing
ENGLISH6781Introduction to the Teaching of First-Year English
ENGLISH6788Studies in the Theory and Practice of Imaginative Writing
ENGLISH6789Introduction to Graduate Study in Digital Media
ENGLISH6790Foundations in Contemporary Critical Theory
ENGLISH6791Introduction to Graduate Study in Critical Theory: Contemporary Movements
ENGLISH6795Introduction to Research Methods in Rhetoric and Composition
ENGLISH6799Graduate Studies in Literary Bibliography
ENGLISH6998Graduate Research in English
ENGLISH7350.01Theorizing Folklore I: Tradition and Transmission
ENGLISH7350.02Theorizing Folklore II: The Ethnography of Performance
ENGLISH7350.03Theorizing Folklore III: Differentiation, Identification, and the Folk
ENGLISH7817Seminar in Early Medieval English Literature
ENGLISH7818Seminar in Later Medieval Literature
ENGLISH7820Seminar in Shakespeare
ENGLISH7827Seminar in English Renaissance Literature
ENGLISH7837Studies in 18th Century Genre
ENGLISH7838Seminar in Critical Issues in the Restoration and 18th Century
ENGLISH7840Seminar in English Romantic Literature
ENGLISH7844Seminar in Victorian Literature
ENGLISH7850Seminar in U.S. Literatures before 1900
ENGLISH7851Seminar in Critical Approaches to Black Literatures
ENGLISH7858Seminar in U.S. Ethnic Literatures and Culture
ENGLISH7860Seminar in 20th Century British and/or American Literature
ENGLISH7861Studies in Narrative and Narrative Theory
ENGLISH7864Postcolonial/Transnational Literatures
ENGLISH7870Seminar in Folklore
ENGLISH7871Seminar in the Forms of Literature
ENGLISH7872Studies in the English Language
ENGLISH7876.Seminar in Critical Theory
ENGLISH7878Seminar in Film & Media Studies
ENGLISH7879Sem in Rhetoric
ENGLISH7880Seminar in Composition
ENGLISH7881.02Teaching Basic Writing
ENGLISH7881.03Teaching of College Composition in English as a Second Language
ENGLISH7881.04Teaching Business and Professional Communication
ENGLISH7883Seminar in Literacy Studies
ENGLISH7884History of Literacy/Literacy Past and Present
ENGLISH7886Interdepartmental Seminar
ENGLISH7888Interdepartmental Studies in the Humanities
ENGLISH7889Seminar on Digital Media Studies
ENGLISH7890Seminar in Feminist Studies in Literature and Culture
ENGLISH7891Seminar in Disability Studies in Language and Literature
ENGLISH7895Seminar in Research Methods in Rhetoric and Composition
ENGLISH8193Individual Studies
ENGLISH8858Seminar in Folklore
ENGLISH8888Interdepartmental Seminar in Critical Theory
ENGLISH8900The Long Seminar: Research in Literary History, Theory, and Forms I
ENGLISH8901The Long Seminar: Research in Literary History, Theory, and Forms II
ENGLISH8903Teaching College English
ENGLISH8904Writing for Publication
ENGLISH8980Bibliography and Method
ENGLISH8982Textual Criticism and Editing
ENGLISH8996Research in English: Candidacy Examination
ENGLISH8997The Dissertation Seminar
ENGLISH8998Research in English
ENGLISH8999Research in English: Dissertation