Do I have to File a Tax Return?

Please visit the IRS’ Interactive Tax Assistant (ITA) page to determine whether or not you need to file taxes.

Are fellowship stipends taxable?

Ohio State does not withhold taxes from fellowship stipends of domestic and some international students because fellowships are considered awards, not pay for service. The government, though, does consider stipends taxable income. Students should keep track of their annual stipend amount and may be required to pay federal, state, and Columbus city taxes. The Graduate School encourages fellows to consult a tax professional. You may also direct tax questions to the Ohio State Tax Office at 614-292- 2521. Information about fellowships and taxes can be found on the following IRS website.

Do I need to file a tax return in order to be eligible for student financial aid?

The U.S. Department of Education does not require individuals to attach tax returns to FAFSA if the individual is not required by the IRS to file a tax return. For more information, please visit the FAFSA webpage or contact The Ohio State University BuckeyeLink.


State Residency

To update your residency to the State of Ohio:

W2 Access for Former Employees

W2s for former employees will be mailed and are not available electronically.

The W2 file has already been created for an automated printing and mailing process.  We cannot stop that process and it will be mailed to the address on file at the time the W2 file was created.   The mailing process will begin on January 27th

If your home address is not up to date:

  1. You can call Payroll Services at 614-292-2311, after answering questions regarding your personal information to confirm your identity, you may provide a new address to us.
  2. You can complete the Chnage of Address PDF iconChange of Address Form.pdf which must be signed and sent to Payroll Services via e-mail attachment to or fax it to 614-688-3640.

Then Payroll Services has to wait for one of two things to happen:

  1. If the W2 is returned to OSU by the U.S. Postal Service Payroll Services can re-mail the original to the new address.
  2. If the W2 is not returned to OSU by February 15th Payroll Services will begin the “Re-print” process on that day for all the employees that have notified the office of an address change after the W2 file was created.

For all W-2-related questions, please email