Graduate Student Travel and Conference Funding

Please also see the Graduate Travel Funding page on EngSource.

The Department of English will offer each English graduate student in funding $500 to utilize between July 1 and June 30 in support of conferences and meetings where the individual is engaging in professional work at regional, national and international levels by presenting a paper within the United States or abroad. Please note that funding is not available for chairing and moderating panels. Travel to appropriate libraries, archives and field sites for the purposes of professional research, both in the United States and abroad, is also permitted under this program. In addition, MFA students who are traveling to a writing retreat for which there is a competitive selection process can also apply for these funds. There will be no rollover of any fund balances across fiscal years. Please see the Graduate Travel Funding page on EngSource to submit a travel in advance (as early as possible) of the departure date.  Individuals must follow the travel and purchasing procedures to utilize any funding.Pre-approval is required for any expense that you intend to be paid by University funding. You are not authorized to commit university funding without obtaining prior approval, regardless of the funding source.

Should a graduate student exhaust the $500.00 allowance and successfully obtain funding external to the department, the graduate student may request an additional $400.00 from the department. Requests for additional funding will be approved by the Chair on a case-by-case basis.

For each Ohio State Department of English graduate student in funding receiving an MLA interview, the Department of English will offer flight and hotel funding for a total of two years when that graduate student is on the job market. Reimbursement of the flight and hotel expenses will be based on reasonable and actual expenses supported by original, itemized receipts. University travelers should incur the lowest reasonable travel expenses and exercise care to avoid impropriety and/or the appearance of impropriety. The University considers “reasonable” business travel dates to be one day prior to the interview(s) and one day after the interview(s), and travel is directly to/from the MLA city.  Requests for MLA interview reimbursement for graduate students no longer in funding, and for associated faculty, will be reviewed by the Chair on a case-by-case basis, in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies.

Please bear in mind the travel grants available from the following sources: 

·         Council of Graduate Students Funding

·         The Office of Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships and Grants

·         Coca-Cola Critical Difference for Women Graduate Student Grants

·         DISCO

In practice, this additional money has substantially expanded the department's research funding. If any graduate student is awarded a travel grant, the graduate student must report the award to the Fiscal Associate and follow the award procedures in addition to following the department’s travel and purchase procedures to utilize the award. For any awards that require a departmental match, the matching funds will be drawn from the graduate student’s travel allowance.