The Folger Institute and the Renaissance at OSU

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The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at The Ohio State University is a member of the Consortium of the Folger Institute This gives OSU students priority access to Folger Institute programs as well as grants-in-aid supporting travel and accommodation in Washington, D.C.

Folger Institute Folio Library.

Courtesy of  Folger Shakespeare Library

Some recent courses and seminars attended by OSU graduate students:

  • ­“Researching the Archives: Dissertation Seminar.” Dir. Peter Lake (Vanderbilt University) and Nigel Smith (Princeton University).
  • “Teaching Book History.” Weekend Conference
  • “Early Modern Books and Readers.” Dir. Heidi Brayman Hackel (Oregon State University).
  • “Observation in Early Modern Europe.” Dir. Lorraine Daston (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science)
  • “Reassessing Henry VIII: Directions for Future Research.” Weekend Conference.
  • “The Development of Poetry from Wyatt to Donne.” Dir. Dympna Callaghan (Syracuse University)
  • The Second Shepherds’ Play and Early Drama Studies.” Dir. Greg Walker (University of Leicester) and Kathleen Lynch (Folger Institute).
  • “A Sense of the Archive.” Dir. Kristen Poole (University of Delaware)
  • "Ben Jonson, Man of Letters." Dir. Martin Butler (Leeds)
  • “In Praise of Scribes: Early Modern English Manuscript Culture.” Dir. Peter Beal