Gender and Sexuality Studies


The study of sexuality and gender has been central to English departments for over forty years. Scholars in areas as different as folklore, linguistics, rhetoric, composition, cultural studies, and film -- as well as literary studies -- have developed theories that pay careful attention to the effect of gender and sexuality (and their intersections with race, class, nationality, disability, religion, age, and other factors) on the production and reception of texts of all kinds.

Spectacular Rhetoric bookcover.African American Women's Literature bookcover.Kin of Another Kind bookcover.Gay and Lesbian Historical Fiction bookcover.Beyond the Nation bookcover.

Women's Physician and Professional Ethos in Nineteenth Century America bookcover.

Our English Department has a number of faculty members whose research and teaching draw upon and advance the insights of this field. For instance, many of our professors pursue feminist approaches and apply feminist methods; others contribute to the development of GLBTQ studies. 

Research subjects in Gender and Sexuality explored by our faculty include: granny midwives in African American women's literature (Valerie Lee), gender and political asylum (Amy Shuman), tomboys in Renaissance drama (Jennifer Higginbotham), revising theories of narrative to take gender and sexuality into account (Robyn Warhol), a new theory about queer diasporic reading practices (Joe Ponce), the relationship of religion and sexuality in GLBT historical fiction (Norman Jones), the human rights of sexual subaltern subjects (Wendy Hesford), gender and rhetorical space in late 19th-century American life (Nan Johnson), women's literature as housekeeping (Beth Sutton-Ramspeck), the role of desire in reading authors and their writing (Debra Moddelmog), medieval virgin martyrs (Karen Winstead), and the "heroine of disinterest" in 18th-century novels (Virginia Cope). Our faculty members also often teach courses that are cross-listed in the Interdisciplinary Program in Sexuality Studies and in the Department of Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Property, Education, and Identity in Late Eighteenth Century fiction.Correspondence and American Literature 1770-1865.Anne Finch and Her Poetry bookcover.Harm's Way bookcover.Reading Desire bookcover.Turf Wars bookcover.

Engaging Audience bookcover.Reclaiming Authorship bookcover.John Capgrave's Fifteenth Century bookcover.The Complexion of Race bookcover.Other People's Stories bookcover.Raising the Dust bookcover.

Having a Good Cry bookcover.

English Courses

2282: Introduction to Queer Studies

4580: Special Topics in GLBTQ Literature and Culture

4592: Special Topics in Women in Literature and Culture

6791: Introduction to Graduate Study in Critical Theory: Contemporary Movements (e.g., Feminist, Queer)

7876: Seminar in Critical Theory (e.g., Queer, Feminist, Intersectionality)

7890: Seminar in Feminist Studies in Literature and Culture

8888: Interdepartmental Seminar in Critical Theory