Narrative & Narrative Theory

Faculty List

Frederick Luis Aldama, Area Coordinator
Sean O'Sullivan, Director, Project Narrative

This group is devoted to the study of narrative as a major form of cultural and aesthetic expression. It considers literary and nonliterary narrative; narrative in different media (print, graphic, film, visual, etc.) and narrative across disciplines (with a particular current interest in narrative and medicine). The group is open to multiple approaches to narrative and narrative theory. It values the ways narrative theory illuminates narrative practice and the ways narrative practice requires extensions and revisions of existing theory, including the development of new theoretical constructs. 

Key Courses

Undergraduate courses:
ENG 3361: Narrative Medicine
ENG 4599: Intro to Narrative Theory
ENG 4597.04H: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Narrative

Members of the group often teach ENG 4561: Studies in Fictional and Nonfictional Narrative as well.

Graduate courses:
ENG 6761: Introduction to Graduate Study in Narrative
ENG 7861: Narrative Theory

Affiliated Groups

Graduate Student Reading Group in Narrative Theory

Affiliated Projects & Centers

Project Narrative

Scholarships or Awards

Travel Grants for Grad Students presenting work in narrative studies at conferences.
Sheldon Sacks Prize for best graduate student essay in narrative studies (administered through the Graduate Program and Policy Committee)