Lord Denney's Players Present: The Tempest

The Tempest title.

An enchanted island. A mysterious duke. Magic spirits and wedding nymphs and probably the strangest man/monster this side of Bermuda.

Staged in February 2017, Ohio State English’s Lord Denney’s Players returned with one of Shakespeare’s last plays—The Tempest—and one of the most imaginative romances in English drama. By turns tender, funny and tense, The Tempest used a variety of artistic mediums, from masquing to music, to explore the nature of wonder, skepticism and forgiveness in a Machiavellian world.


Prospero—Antony Shuttleworth, Assistant Professor, Department of English
Ariel—Mary Grace Thibault, Senior majoring in Atmospheric Science and Anthropology
Caliban—Tony Harper, Senior majoring in English
Miranda—Hannah Woods, Freshman majoring in English
Ferdinand—Joseph Glandorf, Freshman, Undeclared
Stephano—Cat McAlpine, Alumna, B.A. English & Linguistics, 2014
Trinculo—Taylor Davis, Alumna, B.A. Theatre, 2015
Alonso—Joanna Bruskin, Senior, Undeclared
Gonzalo—Matthew Wiese, Junior majoring in Philosophy and Computer Science
Antonio—Levi Prudhomme, Sophomore majoring in Comparative Studies
Sebastian—Isaiah Johnson, Sophomore majoring in Theatre and Political Science
Adrian—Joey Hoffmann, Sophomore majoring in English
Bosun/Juno—Mackenzie Peterson, Sophomore majoring in Arts Management and Theatre
Ship Master/Ceres—Casey Radner, Junior majoring in Marketing and Hospitality Management
Iris—Kallen Alsdorf, Freshman majoring in English
Ensemble—Geet Tripathi, Junior majoring in Electrical Engineering
Ensemble—Jaden Chen, Sophomore majoring in Arts Management
Ensemble—Natalie Dalea, Junior majoring in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies


Director—Manuel Jacquez, PhD Candidate, Department of English
Assistant Director—Emory Noakes, OSU Alumnus B.A. English, 2015
Stage Manager—Hannah Grace, Senior Majoring in Chinese & International Studies
Assistant Stage Manager—Tamara Smathers, Junior majoring in Theater
Dramaturg—Dan Knapper, PhD Candidate, Department of English
Dramaturg—Victoria Munoz, PhD, 2016, Department of English
Music Director—Clara Davison, Sophomore majoring in English
Choreographer—Kimberly M. Wilczak, MFA Alumna, Dance
Sound Designer—Ciru Wainaina, Senior majoring in English
Set Designer—Miranda Johnson, Staff, Department of Philosophy
Prop Master—Madeline Price, PhD Student, Department of English
Front of House Manager—Ben Moran, PhD Student, Department of English
Promotions Manager—Cat McAlpine, Alumna, B.A. English & Linguistics, 2014
Promotional Artist—Bethany Christiansen, PhD Candidate, Department of English
Production Photographer—Oliver Urdaneta, Junior majoring Art & Technology
Creative Director—Sarah Neville, Assistant Professor, Department of English