Gender & Sexuality Studies

Faculty List

Sandra Macpherson, Area Convenor

The study of sexuality and gender has been central to English departments for over forty years. Scholars in areas as different as folklore, linguistics, rhetoric, composition, cultural studies, and film -- as well as literary studies -- have developed theories that pay careful attention to the effect of gender and sexuality (and their intersections with race, class, nationality, disability, religion, age, and other social differences) on the production and reception of texts of all kinds.
Our English Department has a number of faculty members whose research and teaching draw upon and advance the insights of this field. For instance, many of our professors pursue feminist approaches and apply feminist methods; others contribute to the development of GLBTQ studies.

Key Courses

Undergraduate courses:
ENG 2282: Introduction to Queer Studies
ENG 4580: Special Topics in GLBTQ Literature and Culture
ENG 4592: Special Topics in Women in Literature and Culture

Graduate courses:
ENG 6791: Introduction to Graduate Study in Critical Theory: Contemporary Movements (e.g., Feminist, Queer)
ENG 7876: Seminar in Critical Theory (e.g., Queer, Feminist, Intersectionality)
ENG 7890: Seminar in Feminist Studies in Literature and Culture
ENG 8888: Interdepartmental Seminar in Critical Theory

Affiliated Student Groups, Reading Groups

Queer Theories/Methodologies reading group organized by English graduate students; contacts: Zach Harvat and Pritha Prasad.

Affiliated Projects and Centers

Interdisciplinary Program in Sexuality Studies
Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies