Film & Popular Culture Studies

Faculty List

Jared Gardner, Area Coordinator

We study and teach all aspects of film and popular culture, with a focus on Anglophone cinema traditions, TV, new media, comics, and a broad range of historical popular cultures.

Key Courses

Undergraduate courses:
ENG 2263: Introduction to Film
ENG 2264: Introduction to Popular Culture
ENG 3364: Special Topics in Popular Culture
ENG 3372: Science Fiction & Fantasy
ENG 3378: Special Topics in Film & Literature
ENG 4578: Special Topics in Film
ENG 5664: Studies in Graphic Narrative

Graduate courses:
ENG 6778: Introduction to Graduate Studies in Film
ENG 7878: Seminar in Film & Media

Affiliated Groups

The Comics Studies Working Group (Jared Gardner, Convener)
The History of the Book Group (Alan Farmer, Convener)
Interdisciplinary Graduate Film Studies Group

Affiliated Projects & Centers

The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum
The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Film Studies Program
Literacy Studies @ OSU
Popular Culture Studies program
Project Narrative