Disability Studies

Disability studies examines the nature, meaning, and consequences of disability / ability / inclusion / exclusion / normalcy / stigma in global culture from an integrated social, political, and cultural model. The Disability Studies Program at Ohio State, established in 1997, emphasizes interdisciplinary and intersectional work in disability studies. In the Department of English, where the Disability Studies Program is housed, our primary areas of interest are literature, folklore, rhetoric, composition, digital media and narrative. Accordingly, our course offerings span a wide range of disciplines, including teaching and learning, bioethics, American Sign Language, classics, speech and hearing science and many more. We treat disability as a political, cultural and social process, placing as much importance on structures, relations and representations as on individual bodies. 

We value collaborative research and learning, and each year we are visited by distinguished scholars and activists. Recent visitors sponsored by the Disability Studies Program include Liat Ben-Moshe, Diana Louis, Jay Dolmage, Aimi Hamraie, MimiKhúc, Ann Fox and Michael Montoya.

Graduate courses

  • English 7891.01: Seminar in Disability Studies in Language and Literature

Affiliated Groups

  • Abilities: An alliance of students with and without disabilities that creates programs to enhance visibility and understanding of disability.
  • Disability Studies Graduate Student Organization: This group has an active listserv, hosts reading groups and sponsors and organizes lectures and forums.

Affiliated Projects or Centers

Regular Events

Lectures, workshops, and annual ADA Multiple Perspectives Conference

Scholarships and Awards

Research and travel awards are available to graduate students through the Disability Studies program.

Contact Us

To learn more about the Disability Studies Program, please email disabilitystudies@osu.edu.