English Matters Video Series

What books, poems, plays, or films have changed your life?
How has the field of English Studies transformed you and your vision of the world?

English Matters is a video interview series produced by the Department of English at Ohio State. We pose questions like these to leading members of the university community, Ohio State alumni, current faculty and students, and more. Their answers underscore the crucial role English studies plays in transforming individuals and their personal and professional lives.

This series was launched, in part, in response to the unviersity's announcement of the Ohio State Arts and Humanities Discovery Themes, a $5 million, 5-year initiative designed to emphasize “the value of the liberal arts and its core, the arts and humanities, and how this time-tested educational approach positively impacts the world.”

Michael V. Drake, President, The Ohio State University

Joseph E. Steinmetz, Recent Provost, The Ohio State University


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