American Literature Before 1900

Faculty List

Elizabeth Hewitt, Area Coordinator

Faculty in this group work on and offer classes in American literature--colonial, revolutionary, early national, and 19th-century--across a wide variety of print media (poetry, magazines, novels, political tracts), as well as manuscript culture and visual media.

Key Courses

Undergraduate courses:
ENG 2290: Colonial and U.S. Literature to 1865
ENG 4550: Special Topics in Colonial and Early National Literature of the U.S.
ENG 4551: Special Topics in 19th-Century U.S. Literature
ENG 4552: Special Topics in American Poetry Through 1915
ENG 4564.03: Major Author in American Literature to 1900
ENG 4590.08H: U.S. and Colonial Literature

Graduate courses:
ENG 6755: Introduction to Graduate Study in American Literature, Origins to 1840
ENG 6756: Introduction to Graduate Study in American Literature, 1840-1914
ENG 7850: Seminar in U.S. Literatures before 1900

Affiliated Reading Groups

History of the Book Reading Group
Americas before 1800 Reading Group