19th-Century British Literature

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David Riede, Area Convenor

OSU English faculty cover the expanse of the long 19th-century and beyond. Their work ranges from the affective, philosophical, and geopolitical interests of the Romantics to the domestic practices, gender ideologies, and technological innovations of the Victorians, and on to the appropriation of 19th-century icons in modern Irish debates about reconciliation and the emergence in contemporary pop culture of such 19th-century figures as Jane Austen. Our work attends to both the richness of 19th-century history and its formalist developments (such as the sketch, serialized and periodical fiction, the Bildungsroman, aestheticism, and the transition to modernism), and faculty are eager to teach and mentor students in an array of topics. Our faculty regularly serve on dissertation committees in fields such as 18th-century literature, film and television, gender and sexuality studies, children’s literature, and narrative theory.  The OSU English Department is a member of the Dickens Project consortium and will be hosting the North American Victorian Studies Association (NAVSA) annual conference in 2019.

Key Courses

Undergraduate courses:
ENG 4540: British Romantic and Victorian Poetry
ENG 4542: The British Romantic and Victorian Novel
ENG 4590.04H: Honors Seminar in Romanticism
ENG 4590.05H: Honors Seminar in the later nineteenth-century

Graduate courses:
ENG 6746: Introduction to Graduate Study in British Literature of the Romantic Period
ENG 6747: Introduction to Graduate Study in British Literature of the Victorian Period
ENG 7840: Seminar in English Romantic Literature
ENG 7844: Seminar in Victorian Literature

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The Dickens Project Consortium at the University of California, Santa Cruz

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